Tricep Rope Pull Down Pair of Blood Flow Restriction Bands 2-Hand Grip + 3-Carabiner Heavy Duty Clips

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Tricep Rope Pull Down Pair of Blood Flow Restriction Bands 2-Hand Grip + 3-Carabiner Heavy Duty Clips

Triceps rope cable attachment and occlusion bands for women glutens are designed to develop your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs and improve your grip strength. extremely effective at working your muscles. High-quality rope made of special high-performance to ensure no additional noise is generated during operation, free to train at home. Triceps rope pulldown can help you boost stamina you can attach it easily with a lat pull-down machine and cable attachments for the gym. Bicep bands can increase muscle protein resulting in increased muscle growth. Avoid slipping are slipping ends causing a problem to you. This triceps pull-down rope is designed with large rubber blocks at the end of the rope pull down attachment to increase effectiveness in use & prevent slipping or sliding while practicing. Cable attachments for the gym are made for heavy loading and make it awesome gym equipment for home.


Triceps Rope

Size 27” Length, 1.4” Rubber Ends

One Pair Blood Flow Restriction Bands

60*5 cm

Carabineer Clips


Gym Exercise Gloves

1 Pair



  1. Multi-Usage: The bundle includes lat pull-down rope with bfr bands, gym gloves are ideal for home gym exercise, lat machine, abs machine, cable machine attachments. Gym Gloves can help your wrist to hold rubber ends of triceps rope more efficiently.
  2. Heavy Duty Durable Material: This cable machine attachment is perfect for handling large amounts of weight without showing any signs of tears, all while ensuring a comfortable experience when weight lifting
  3. Non Slip Rubber Ends: The handles of triceps pull down rope are made from black hard wearing rubber and are solidly embedded into the ends of the rope which can increase effectiveness, prevent slipping or sliding.
  4. Compatible Type: Lifting Triceps rope Compatible for Trainer machine, Cable machine attachments, Pulley machines. Weight machine attachments for lat pull down and cable cross over machine. Bicep bands are easy BFR wraps to strap up, exclusively design for men and women Gym Gloves are compatible for men and women it can increase your holding efficiency of gym equipment

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