Electric Lumbar Neck Back Massage Pillow

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Working voltage: DC 12V
Rated power: 25W
Massage mode: forward massage, reverse massage
Power cord length: 1.2m
Power supply: ac110v-220v
Safety protection: overheat, over current protection
Specification: 48 heads
Gear: 3
Classification of physical therapy: magnetic therapy

-3D hot compress massage ball, completely evacuate muscles, relieve pain, restore vitality, built-in protection device for overheating and power failure.
-Positive turn and reverse, knead and massage,automatic positive and negative turn knead and massage, match real person feel, regulating qi and activating blood, shu jing and activating collaterals.
-Elastic straps can be attached to the back of a car chair or chair at home or office for easy massage.
-Hidden zipper, more beautiful and avoid accidental opening of children, more security.
-12V safety voltage. Through voltage conversion, 12V safe working voltage input, remove safety hidden danger.
-Three gears can be adjusted, can be adjusted as needed.
-Magnetic stone massage head, with hot compress, better effect.

Package included:
1 x Car-Mounted Home Massage Pillow
1 x Home adapters
1 x Car adapter
1 x Manual

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