Air Inflatable Pillow Pain Relief

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1. This inflatable cervical traction device has a soft head and neck support, Prevent and relieve neck and shoulder tension.
2. Properly position the unit under the jaw to partially unload the cervical spine and help support the weight of the head.
3. It also helps keep the neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion.
4. All wool fabric is exquisitely soft and comfortable.

1. Use a mirror as a reference to position the device correctly. You can use the two nylon straps in the front to adjust the fit.
2. Before inflation, push the blue wheel on the airlock down away from the hand pump.
3. Use the pump to inflate to your preference, then roll the wheel back to lock the air in.
4. Use 2-3 times per day, at least 30 minutes per session.
5. Deflate by unlocking the airlock and twisting open the screw connected to the pump.
6. Suggest releasing the air when you complete the use to protect the device.
Item Type: Cervical Traction Pillow
Material: PVC, Wool Fabric
Color: Pink, Blue
Size: 38x24cm(L*W), Height:20cm 
Package Included:
1 x  Cervical Traction Pillow
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