AB Roller Wheels Home Gym Equipment

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AB Roller Wheels Home Gym Equipment

Abdominal Roller breaking the traditional belly wheel mode, our products can switch five modes (including AB wheel, resistance elastic band, waist twist table, dumbbell, and dumbbell) and can do 40 kinds of training, experience a new mode of fitness, and really perform a multipurpose machine. More workouts in less time get more abs in less time by moving the rollers away from your body. 


  • You can exercise anytime, anywhere to burn your calories, shrink your belly, practice abdominal muscles, create a perfect figure.
  • High quality, suitable size, good flexibility, safe and durable. The pressure-resistant rollers are made of high-quality ABS material, which has strong compressive strength and grooves in it to increase friction. 
  • The crossbar bracket, manufactured according to the structure of the product, is perfectly matched with other parts, the structure is stable and firm, and more secure. 
  • Boys can use this exercise to have eight-pack abs, arm muscle lines, firm buttocks.
  • Girls can use this exercise to have thin arms, breast enlargement, thin waist, abdomen, lifting leg lines, firming buttocks.

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