72"x39"x8mm Large Size Yoga Mat with Natural Suede

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  • The sweatier, The more grip: Our Suede hot yoga mat quickly absorbs sweat and creates a vacuum with the palm surface to help you keep your yoga postures stably, this is almost the only wet and dry anti-slip material.
  • Excellent anti-slip performance: Suede Material Surface is more soft and anti-slip on your hand, provide a comfy and good grip when you doing yoga poses. These travel Yoga mat can help you keep stability, even higher-level postures.
  • High Quality Material & Dimension: 68 x 24 inches. Thickness:1/8inch( 3 mm) Natural reversible rubber base. Eco-friendly packaging and workout mat strap included. Ultra-absorbent synthetic suede top. Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex/PVC free.
  • Exquisite Design: The luxurious hot yoga mat pattern is hand-painted by Italian designer. The printed mandala pattern helps meditation, reminds you of the self-archetype of man. The Water-based inks of yoga mat do not wear out from yoga practice. The inspirational designs empower your mind and body. You'll feel tranquil when you stretch or meditate on it.
  • Care Instructions: ALWAYS REMENBER TO WET YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU STARTED SO It WONT SLIP. Whenever needed, wipe with a clean cloth after a few spritz of the yoga mat spray. Possible hand-wash or machine wash at a delicate/light cycle. No spin-dry.

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