Upgraded Facial Toning-Equipment

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Color: 02 20bls
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  • CONVENIENT: It is very easy to carry hands-free exercises can be used when going out, at the gym, at work and anywhere.
  • EFFECT: Exercises facial muscles to reduce sagging, wrinkles and helps reduce stress and Reduce hunger, resulting in more weight loss.
  • IMPROVE YOUR CHIN LINE: It’s the hands-free workout a more flattering profile so that The Jagged Chin Line Looks Younger and healthier.
  • BE APPLICABLE: A younger, tighter face, increased metabolism, increased hair growth, stress relief, Increased levels of human growth hormone, and ending oral fixations to name.
  • HIGH- QUALITY MATERIALS: It is made of silicon with polyurethane composing the bite strip, allow for a custom mold to your mouth that allows you to easily adjust the shape and mouth cavity to quickly shape and tighten your face and neck.

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