TNY Sports is a premium online sports equipment, accessories and sportswear store. We offer a wide range of premium quality sports gear that you would need in order to stay fit. Our products include various top of the line products from big brands.

Our intentions are to provide you with high quality sporting goods at a competitive price and allow you to shop from us from the comfort of your own home. Our stores are open 24/7 and you can order our products at any time.

We aspire to see our customer embrace a fit lifestyle by using our sports products. In this modern day and age, it is very important to stay healthy, and here at TNY Sports we promote such a healthy lifestyle.

We bring to you comfortable sportswear that you can wear while working out or performing any sort of fitness activity. We provide you with equipment such as gym equipment, yoga mats, massaging tools, and other fitness gadgets.

Enjoy our products that we, TNY Sports, bring to your doorstep in order to simplify your fitness life and help you achieve such a lifestyle.  

Yoga Equipment. 

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy. Of the amazing products that TNY Sports offers, Yoga equipment is definitely one of the top ones. One could argue that you don’t need any equipment to do yoga, but we beg to differ there. There are certain pieces of equipment that we bring to you in order for you to perform a variety of yoga poses.To start off, we have a Yoga Arc Bending Spine Corrector, a Pilates Half Sphere Bosu Ball, a Foldable Muscle Massager Foam Roller, a Non-slip Yoga Mat, and a Yoga Wheel.

You may question the requirements of these equipment for performing yoga poses. The yoga mat provides you a non-slip surface so you can perform the poses and stretches without slipping. And the Muscle Massager is what the name suggests; it helps you massage the deep muscle tissues. Apart from these two, the Bosu Ball, the Arc Bending Spine Corrector, and the Yoga Wheel is supposed to maximize the stretch and allow you to perform a wide range of poses.

We provide the highest quality yoga equipment in the market.

Fitness Machines.

Building muscle and gaining strength can be a very tough and challenging process. It requires intense training and special care for maximum results. TNY Sports offers useful and effective fitness machines and gadgets that help you build muscle and recover from it as well. As much as you need muscle building equipment, you also need machines that are built for healing and relieving muscle soreness. Here at TNY Sports, we have got it all.

In our Fitness Machine section, we have mainly three products which are, a massage gun, an electric neck massage pillow, and a forearm strengthening equipment. All three of these products are high quality and will live up to your expectations.The hand grip strength equipment is a high quality exercising gadget that lets you build immense forearm strength. The Massage gun is handheld, so you can use it to sooth any muscle pain and tenderness you feel after an intense session at the gym.

The Neck massage pillow works to massage your neck, shoulders, and back. It is really easy to use; all you have to do is place it behind you and it will massage your body.

All these equipment are built to make your fitness life better. 

 Gym/Fitness Clothing.

Wearing the right outfit while working out or doing yoga is just as important as the exercises themselves. If you are not wearing clothing that gives you mobility while also being comfortable and breathable, you will not be able to exercise properly. There are many brands that offer men's sportswear, but rather fewer ones sell women’s sports clothing.

TNY Sports offers two types of sportswear for women. We have a women’s neoprene sauna vest, and seamless yoga sets that comes in two simple colors. The sauna vest is made using performance fabric that promotes sweating which results in more fat loss. This is perfect for the ladies out there who want to lose a few extra pounds while looking absolutely stunning!

The yoga set comes with a short sleeve fitted crop top and a high waisted yoga shorts. You have two options: a black set and grey set. Both these sets look amazing and bring out the inner athlete in you.

Available in multiple sizes, these sportswear clothing are designed to fit you snug and accentuate your best features. Both the outfits are fitted yet stretchy to make them comfortable and breathable so you won’t feel suffocated.

Fitness Gears and Accessories.

There are certain equipment and accessories that you can use at home to substitute for a gym. These equipment can provide you a great workout even at home and you might want to invest in them. Here at TNY Sports we have three amazing gym equipment that are portable and can be used to exercise anywhere. These equipment are useful and versatile which makes them so amazing.

We offer a tricep rope pull down rope with cable attachments that can used to do tricep pull downs anywhere. All you have to do is attach the cable to something sturdy and you can knock yourself out doing tricep pull downs (we don’t recommend knocking yourself out literally though; stay safe).

We have the thigh master for exercising your thighs. You can also use this equipment to strengthen your arms. It is a great equipment that is portable and can be used to workout anywhere.And lastly we have a stretch equipment that provides lumbar support. It can also be used to massage your back and stretch all the tender muscles in order to relax yourself.

All these equipment are able to provide you a great workout and get you in shape in no time!