90s Fashion Trends

Every decade has standout style tendencies that end up pass-to looks, but patterns trade over time. 90s is a decade which has inspired fashion in recent years. It should be said that the 90s had been the first to combine fashion and popular culture in a way that still resonates in our locker rooms today.

            It's 2020, however 90s fashion trends are back again. There is an idea that fashion and popular culture operate on a “nostalgia pendulum”, in which what's old is new again every 20 to 30 years.

90s - The decade of all fantasies:

If the 90s continue to feed today's fashion, it is because they are synonymous with freedom and stylistic audacity. Nineties fashion remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creators and is reinvented in our wardrobe with little touches or in total look. Eccentricity and carefreeness are the watchwords of the 90s. Wardrobes abandon wise looks in favor of destructuring and ostentatious outfits. The era is of contrasts and volumes: the X-shaped silhouettestands out with structured shoulders and wasp waist. In the same spirit, oversize jewelry and accessories reign supreme over most of the looks of the decade. The glitter is all the rage while the fluorescent electrifies the outfits. An eclectic fashion therefore, where everyone can find themselves and assert their personality in complete freedom.

Legendary icons of 90s:

Madonna, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Aliia Silverstone. The stars of the nineties embody innovation and style in all its forms. They initiate the trends of the decade and the years to come, an echo of the festive spirit of the time still inspire us today.

Flashback to 90s:

The grunge king and queen of Seattle, Kurt and Courtneyare arguably the most influential couple in 90s fashion. Courtney Love was famous for her ripped, sheer dresses, very dark looks, short dresses, and is the one who popularized the “kinderwhore”, a very popular clothing style in the 90s.


Winona Ryder- The “It-Girl” of the 90s is her. At the start of the decade, the actress embodied mythical roles, while her tomboy style quickly pointed out. Her boyish hair and black total-looks have become her signature. 


In the early 90s, a young Londoner began her modeling career, without knowing that she would change the world of fashion forever. With her slim figure and androgynous allure,Kate Moss is the antithesis of the Supermodels of the 80s and 90s. 


Drew Barrymore, style icon with her half-rebellious style, the American actress marked her era like no other celebrity. She drew stylistic ideas from the different societal movements of the time, notably the grunge which she adopted dark make-up and tattoos, or the hippie movement.


In 1994, Kim Gordonwas one of the coolest girls in all of New York, when she decided to launch her own fashion show. This is how she launched her X-Girl brand, by scrolling her creations through the streets of Manhattan. In the same year, Tom Fordbecame artistic director of the Gucci house, after having worked for several years as a stylist within the Italian house.


The face of Californian punk is Gwen Stefani.  Her well drawn abs  and her unusual style:  Cargo pants, crop top, most original hairstyles,  remains one of the most memorable styles of the decade.

What is 90s Fashion?

The 90s are a time when the total jeans look was king, where the jogging pants had become like a second skin and where the ultra-colorful embellishing logos adorned all the t-shirts. A bit of sportswear, but above all very cool. This decade has made a good time to register as the trend of this 2020 season and in terms of colors, a pop and flashy spirit has invaded the racks of your favorite brands. While the neon trend shines brightly on k-way windbreakers, the tie & dye print arises on small tops with uncovered shoulders. It's not teenage girls who will tell you the opposite: checkered shirts, faded denim and frayed denim skirts, nineties fashion codes are coming to the streets.


90s Fashion and 2020:


You wore CK Oneby Calvin Klein, used a strawberry lip balm, fantasized about Johnny Depp (era 21 Jump Street) and Leonardo Di Capriowhile listening to the Fugees or Ace of Base and dreamed of looking like Cindy Crawford (or Naomi Campbell)? You made up your lips and your nails with black and your parents took you for a Gothic. So you have known the 90s. 

90s Trends in 2020:

  1. Suspender Skirts:


If there is a single product that best represents the 90's, it must be a variety of suspenders, suspender skirts, and suspender vests. Romwe Women's Straps A-line Corduroy Pinafore Bib Pocket Overall Dresshas Button closure, made up of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon. It has Button-straps, Pocket frontMini Length, Side Zipper for Easy On and Off.Top of Form


  1. Denim Suit:

Of course, there are also practical fabrics like denim. How loose the trousers of the 90's are, they reflect a kind of minimalism. In the denim category, it's impossible to ignore the overalls worn with a t-shirt.Anna-Kaci Womens Vintage Wash Straight Leg Denim Overalls with Pocket Bibis a classic denim overall. Medium weight cotton denim overalls featuring a washed and worn look with adjustable wide straps, center front flap pocket, and side and back pockets.The perfect overall to protect your clothes when doing handy projects at home. You can also use them for any casual outfit as a substitute for your everyday jeans.



  1. Shiny Leggings:

The classic, glossy-finished metallic legging, still very much has its place in your 2020 wardrobe rotation. The HDE Womens Shiny Metallic Leggings Liquid Wet Look Bottoms - Regular Plus Sizes are completely opaque. Shiny wet look liquid fabric is stylish, comfortable, and durable .Skinny leggings are designed to make you look slimmer, feel more confident and stand out with bold, vibrant colors and the metallic sheen.


4.         Shiny Sequin Fabric:


The most representative fabrics of the 1990s are some shiny, even luminous fabrics, such as satin, sequins, gold and silver.Ben Textiles Glitz Sequin& Mesh Creative Gold Fabric By The Yard, is 52'' wide. Fabric Type is 100% Polyester and is made in the USA or is imported.



  1. Earrings:

The 90s was so famous for it’s earrings. Hoop-shaped earrings add attitude to the outfits. Hanpabum 6Pairs Large Bamboo Hoop Earrings for Women Geometric Earrings Hip-Pop Style Fashion Party Accessory, is the improvised version of hoop earrings of 1990s in 2020.The earrings are available in 6 different styles, like heart, star, triangle, circle, double circle, square hoops, and different styles for meeting different matching needs. 6pairs of bamboo earrings (6 styles), sufficient supplies for daily wearing and matching, made from quality alloy, durable and dust-proof. Great embellishment for attending weddings, festivalsand celebrations.


  1. Scrunchies:

            Another throwback Nineties trend we love is that the return of lush, touchable fabric scrunchies like satin, silk and velvet. BANDIT 26 Pcs Scrunchies For Hair - 7 Different Styles - Silk Satin Hair Scrunchies Scarf - Bow Scrunchies for ladies and Girls, Big and little Sizes, Cute Patterns.Unlike inferior scrunchies,   premium pack of 26 hair scrunchies for ladies and girls are made up of the very best grade velvet and chiffon.


Pack includes:

  • Seven standard velvet scrunchies in a range of vibrant colors.
  • Five chiffon silk scrunchies in a choice of tasteful prints include a pearl and bow to elevate your outfit.
  • Four chiffon faux silk scrunchies for hair are available in plain colors also as prints and have a classic bow.
  • Ten satin scrunchies in plain and patterned print with an elegant bow.



7.         Boot:

A women's boot that strikesthe perfect balance between femininityand the tough,The Dr. Martens Leona Boot is made with Vintage Smooth, a retro version of signature smooth leather with subtle grained effect and contrast base color.Built on the rebelliously comfortable Dr. Martens Airwair air-cushioned rubber sole. Platform height is 1.5", and heel height is 2".





8.         Sandal:

Like wedge sandals of 90s, Cambridge Select Women's T-Strap Open Toe Buckled Ankle Studded Chunky Platform Wedge Sandal, serves the purpose of wedges of 2020. This wedge sandal structures an open toe, T-strap vamp, changeable buckles, and chunky, stacked platform sole and wedge heel.


  1. Cartoon Printed Socks:


Officially Licensed Nickelodeon Product,Nickelodeon 90's Cartoons All Over Print Sublimated Crew Socks ,contains82% Polyester 16% Cotton 2% Spandex.


  1. Windbreaker:


True high quality windbreaker funny guy mugs like totally 80s & 90s retro neon windbreaker,  are made of 100% durable nylon to maintain that true retro look & feel, not cheap sweaty polyester. It also features 2 convenient zippered pockets to keep your cassette tapes or other belongings secure, when you slip on this windbreaker you will feel the force of the 90's throughout your entire body.


  1. T-Shirts:

Binford Tools | Funny 90s TV Handyman Tool Humor Unisex T-Shirts, are a ringspun, they are soft and smooth with a high thread-count, tight knit made out of fuzzy plants grown by American farmers. These are mid-weight shirts - a bit lighter than your mass-market, thick gym class t-shirts, but substantial / not see-through. It's a nice balance between comfort and durability. These are high quality inks - vibrant and durable, and highly crack resistant.They're also CFC free and rated as carcinogen-free by the state of California.



12.       Hat/Cap:


Vintage 80s or 90s Design,Soft Crinkled Nylon MaterialFanny Pack hat 80s/90s Nylon Cap for Men & Women Zipper Pocket & AdjustableCan hold money, cards, keys, & personal small items.


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