In 2013, Chamberlain, one of the largest manufacturers of garage door openers in North America (including the Lift Master and Craftsman brands), introduced Internet technology with garage door openers. This revolutionary system allows you to connect your garage door opener, via Wi-Fi, to your smart home devices and operate them anywhere in the world. What good can it do to make your garage door opener “smart” now? It's very simple. When talking about a smart garage door opener,it primarily means intelligent functions of the garage door opener.

Main functions:

You want to check if your garage door is indeed closed because you left the house in a hurry this morning? Or would you like to give one of your friends access to the garage to borrow one of your tools?Smart garage door openers have functions for more safety and convenience. The exact range of functions may vary depending on the manufacturer, but most smart garages generally offer the following options:

  • Opening and closing via app, even from a distance: If your garage door is equipped with an intelligent operator, you can open and close it using the app control. All you need is your smartphone and not even getting out of the car if you come home in the evening.
  • Door status query: Is your garage door really closed? In the past, a phone call or at least a look at the garage was necessary to answer this question. With a smart garage, on the other hand, you can use the app to query whether your garage door is open or closed at any time.
  • Lighting for more security: The LED lighting on your smart garage door can be controlled via an app and ensures good visibility even when the door is not moving. Stumbling around in the dark is a thing of the past.
  • Better air in your garage: You should also ventilate your garage regularly so that exhaust gases and moisture do not cause bad air or mold. If you have a smart garage, you can raise your gate to the ventilation position using the app. Fresh air flows in through the gap of about 10 centimeters to the floor. If the door is sufficiently ventilated, it can just as easily be closed from a distance.
  • Control by voice: If your smart garage is connected to your smart home system, you can also open and close the garage door with a voice command to Siri, Alexa and Co.
  • Create smart scenarios: If you have integrated your intelligent garage into your smart home system, you can interconnect the door with your other smart devices in so-called scenarios. If, for example, your garage door is opened after 8 p.m., your outdoor lighting could come on automatically and the surveillance camera could start video recording.
  • Control multiple gates: Using the associated app, multiple users can control the gate of your smart garage. Practical if, for example, several people from your family use the car and should therefore be able to open and close the gate. The concept also works the other way around: Usually, several garage doors can be controlled centrally via the app. For example, if you have a double garage with two separate gates, you can control both independently via an app.

What is needed to install a smart garage door opener:

You don't need to have a completely new garage door installed to enjoy these and other smart functions. If you already have an electric gate, the existing operator can usually be easily replaced with a corresponding intelligent model.


Some Popular Smart Garage Door Openers:

  1. myQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 - Wireless & Wi-Fi enabled Garage Hub with Smartphone Control


  • Open and shut garage door from anywhere with myQ mobile App
  • 4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, router with 802.11 B/G/N, a router within 50 feet of the myQ Smart Garage Hub
  • Wireless installation
  • Securely invite up to 3 people



myQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain allows to use your smartphone to open-and-shut your garage door from anywhere. Feel safer at house once you set times for your garage to lock and receive alerts when the garage door opens and closes. With the help of myQ smart garage, your mobile, Wi-Fi connection and any compatible garage door opener, you're connected and in control. You want to have a sectional garage door and safety sensors installed. myQ is definitely installed in four steps otherwise you have the possibility to request expert garage hub installation for added support.  Daily schedules preset times for your garage door to shut or your lights to show on/off a day. Enhanced security and protection with numerous connected devices protecting your data is more important than ever.

  1. 2. Genie Chain Glide Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener with Added Wireless Keypad, ½ HPc Smart Chain Drive, Quiet Performance – Compatible    with Alexa and Google Assistant – Model 2033-TKV
  • Aladdin Connect Wifi
  • Smart Garage System Compatible With Alexa& Google Assistant
  • ½ HPC Power
  • Easy To Install
  • Garage Door Accessories: 3-button remotes, a wireless keypad and a multi-function wall console with vacation lock and light control button.



Genie's Chain Glide Connect smart garage door offers chain drive operation, enabled with Wi-Fi Aladdin Connect technology. This Wi-Fi garage door opener includes multiple accessories for simple use. Two reprogrammed 3-button remotes allow you to open the door from the convenience of your car. The Wireless Key less Keypad gives you the power to open the door with a private personal identification number. The built-in Aladdin Connect smart phone enabled feature, allows for straightforward programming without the necessity for extra assembly hardware. Simply download the free app, follow the on-screen instructions, and you've got a Wi-Fi connection in no-time. The Chain Glide Connect garage door opener allows you to possess multiple users on smartphones or devices, create Virtual Keys, and schedule the door to shut. Plus, this garage door controller is compatible with digital assistants for the last word convenience and security! Use it together with your Google Assistant and Alexa to stay your house seamlessly connected. Wi-Fi Compatibility: Your Wi-Fi router must meet this specification: 802. 11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz with WPA2 or WPA Security.


  1. NEXX Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Remotely Control Existing Garage Opener with App, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Black
  • Check Compatibility Before Buy
  • Conveniently Open and Close Garage Door
  • Activate Garage Door Opener by Tapping
  • Multi-User Access & Remote Monitoring
  • Best in Class Security Encryption





Users: Nexx Smart Garage Controller, permits one or more users to securely open, close and monitor their garage door from anywhere within the world.


Requirements: This smart device will allow you to regulate your garage door together with your smartphone, Siri, Smart Things, Alexa and Google Assistant devices, or simply driving your car. NO HUB REQUIRED! NO HIDDEN FEES! NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS! Electrical Current - AC100~240V 50/60Hz



4. Embosser Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote, APP Control, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, No Hub Needed


  • Smart
  • Compatibility Check
  • Multiple Notification Modes
  • More Precise and Stable
  • Easy to Install




Voice Control and Voice Skill

With help of voice, door’s status (open/close) can be checked.

Remote Control

Control or monitor garage door from anywhere anytime.

The Existing Wall Button and Existing remote can still work, after installation of the meross garage door opener.


Keep House Safe

Get alerts when garage door opens, closes, opens for a large time or is forgotten to be closed at bedtime.



If Nest thermostat detects there's no people within the home, then close my garage door for safety


Reliable Connection

Powered by MediatekIoT chipset, Meross smart garage door opener can provide reliable connection in garage where the house WiFi might not be covered.



When garage door opens or closes. Meross smart bulbs flash will notify.


One App for Your Home

Control all plug, single pole/3 way/dimmer wall switch, flow of protector, bulbs, humidifier, smart garage door opener and lots of other smart devices with one Meross app.


5. Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Controller NXG-200 - Remotely Control Existing Garage Door  Opener with Nexx App, Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, No Hub Required, Black

  • Compatibility

  • Open, Close & Schedule Garage Door

  • Activate by Tapping or Speaking

  • Enjoy Industry-Leading Connectivity

  • Install Quick & Easy With Zero Fees


Just Tap

Activate Nexx Garage by tapping on the Nexx Home app. Open, close, schedule, monitor… anytime, anywhere.


Just Speak

Control garage door without leaving the couch. Simply let Siri or Alexa or Google assistant-enabled device know what you would like to do!


Just Drive

Industry-leading “Just Drive” Geo-fencing Technology tells garage door to open the instant you pull into driveway, hands-free!



Securely open, close, schedule, and monitor your garage door from anywhere within the world. Never worry about whether or not you've got left your garage door open again! Alert Receive instant notifications on who is coming or going from your garage, including alerts just in case someone forgets to shut the door. Share access with multiple people, like your kids, parents, and friends. Or securely open the door for a guest who arrives while you’re away. 


Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 Features:

  • External antenna - UpgradedWi-Fi capabilities for stronger, longer-distance Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth - New Bluetooth connectivity so no internet access is required
  • Wireless Sensor - Quick and easy installation in 10 minutes or less




6. Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman 940EV-P2 Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad, Security +2.0 Compatible

  • Works with most Major Brands

  • Single Button Closure

  • Temporary Pin can be Programmed For Deliveries/guests

  • Easy Installation and Programming

  • Friendly with nearly every Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman garage door opener installed in North America From 1993 To Present; Not friendly with Craftsman Series 100



This device offers wireless installation and allows use of four number pin security code to open and shut your garage door. It's designed for hassle free wireless installation and programming. Includes a canopy for weather protection. Seamlessly fits into any home design. This system allows convenient keyless access to the garage. The wireless design is often installed and programmed in minutes. Access the house with a 4-number PIN. a short lived PIN are often programmed for deliveries and guests. This technique can upgrade or replace existing garage systems.




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